Best Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Your Home

There is no rocket science behind sustainable cleaning. It is all about making eco-conscious choices when sprucing up your home for healthy and hygienic indoor environment. Reducing carbon footprint, eliminating hazardous chemicals, single-use plastic and excess water are some of the best ways to help adopt sustainable cleaning practices in Australia. Unfortunately, almost all store-bought cleaners and disinfectants contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the air and waterways. These products can also lead to various health hazards. So, it is good to make right choices by following eco-friendly cleaning practices. Today, we share some great house cleaning hacks that will bring revolution and keep your home and the planet healthy. Let’s Get Started!  

1. Use Microfiber Cloths and Re-usable Rags

Swap your traditional paper towels and single-use dusting tools with re-usable cloths and microfiber dusters. These can are absorb the accumulated dust from hard surfaces without leaving scratches behind. The best part is that microfiber cloths can be used multiple times, reducing landfill waste in Australia. Make sure you wash them in hot water after every use. This tool can be used for soaking liquids, wiping hard surfaces and polishing wood surfaces.  

2. Switch to pH-Neutral Laundry Detergent

Store-bought laundry detergents contain artificial fragrances that can cause pollution. They also have ammonia, bleach and other harmful chemicals that can pose a serious threat to your health. So, read the labels and choose an EPA-approved detergents or ph-neutral ones.

3. Use Old Toothbrushes for Scrubbing

Instead of buying expensive plastic-based scrubbing tools, you can repurpose your old toothbrush. It can help you remove stubborn stains, gunk and grime from nooks and crannies with ease. So, use old toothbrushes and reduce plastic waste for the environment.
4. Make a DIY All-Purpose Cleaner
Do you want to clean your windows, floors, hard surfaces, sink, tiles and other surfaces with one product? Prepare a green DIY all-purpose cleaning using white vinegar. It is a perfect alternative to ammonia and other hazardous cleaning products. All you need is equal parts of warm water and vinegar, dishwashing liquid and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Mix in a spray bottle and clean your home. It can help your remove stains, grime and water marks from almost all surfaces, except natural stone surfaces.
5. Embrace Steam Cleaning to Conserve Water
The majority of Aussies believe that steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture. The best part is that it is environmentally-friendly hack as it uses steam to remove embedded dust, heavy soil and grime. This can save water and reduces the requirement of harsh chemicals. Make sure you use energy-efficient cleaning appliances if you want sustainability in Australia.
6. Use Baking Soda as a Natural Deodoriser
Does your carpet smell musty? Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda because it is natural and keep the environment safe. Leave it overnight and let it soak smell and germs. In the next morning, vacuum your carpets. You can also clean your oven, microwave, natural stone surfaces to get rid of stain and grime. So, adopt simple eco-friendly habits and make a huge difference.

Wrapping up

These are some of the most sustainable tips to help clean a house without releasing carbon footprint into the environment.

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