Practical Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste and Live a Plastic-Free Life

We are all aware of the fact that plastic is a problem. Although it has plenty of benefits, such as being easy to make, affordable, accessible and flexible, it is quite visible that plastic waste is causing significant damage to the environment. In simple terms, plastic pollution is the collection of synthetic plastic products in the environment.  It reaches an extent where it causes issues for ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and even the human population. People are becoming aware of the negative of plastic waste and taking the necessary steps to contribute to a better environment. You can also do so if you just learn some tips. Here are the practical tips to reduce plastic waste and live a plastic-free life. 

Conduct a Trash Audit

Basically, a trash audit is where you analyse and track the things you are throwing away frequently. Typically, people throw away things without giving a second thought. So, this is a great way to learn how much waste you are actually creating. A trash audit will permit you to explore the substitutes for the frequently discarded stuff. For instance, if you spot many coffee cups in the trash, it might be time to purchase a reusable cup. As an alternative, if you find many crisp packets, it is best to buy a bigger packet next time and look for packaging that is recyclable. 

Explore Reusable Options

Finding reusable alternatives is the best way to minimise the use of single-use items. They do not have to be anything fancy. Position regular metal cutlery inside your bag, or just carry a reusable water bottle with you to work. This way, you can ensure the use of plastics is minimised and you have reduced your carbon footprint

Purchase from Low-waste shops and Local Markets

If it is not possible for you to grow your own food, consider purchasing them from low-waste shops and local markets. Depending on the place you live in, purchasing from markets can be either less or more expensive. So, it is better to research first and shortlist a few options. Low-waste shops are visibly more expensive but still are an excellent option for dried foods like rice, pasta, pulses and nuts. Usually, you will have to bring your own containers, which will result in less disposable waste created.

Prepare your own Cleaning Products

It is quite easy to just drown in the world of cleaning and cosmetic products as there are so many options. But most of them contain chemicals and are also packed in plastic, which leads to waste production. You can easily make effective cleaners at home without using chemicals. It will help you reduce your usage of plastic while being better for the environment because you will not be using toxic chemicals. To prepare an all-purpose cleaner, you can mix one part vinegar, one part water, lemon juice, and rosemary sprigs. This effective cleaning solution will help you tackle the majority of cleaning tasks. 

Wrapping Up

It is a fact that over the years, the popularity of single-use plastics has increased significantly. However, they are not good for the environment in any way. So, follow the tips from this article to ensure you are not causing any damage to nature.

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