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The Sustainable Freight initiative is being undertaken in a wider context of heightened national interest in sustainable practises. While there is much debate about the impacts that transport and logistics is having on the environment and whether these impacts could or should be mitigated, it is clear that the environment is increasingly becoming part of the ongoing transport and logistics narrative.

Sustainable Freight is a "one-stop-shop" website providing access to information relating to transport & logistics sustainability and environmental topics. The Sustainable Freight website incorporates a suite of unique resources and materials, as well as linking to a raft of existing resources and information

Sustainable Freight also promotes the industry’s green initiatives, raising awareness of the role and importance of freight transport to the economy with the aim of improving the industry's image, away from the ‘dirty’ image many percieve the transport and logistics industry to be.

Case Studies

Smart Green Initiative

Toll takes a strategic look at road transport emissions for savings.

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The US looks to future technologies to reduce trucking emissions. Read more at Sustainable Freight http://t.co/YzALOQC7iQ


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