Emission Reduction on a Modest Budget

Emission Reductions on a Modest Budget 


There are a number of strategies, projects and technologies available that can help a company reduce their emissions. For warehouse operators this could involve a total refit of their premises with the latest and most efficient HVAC equipment, for freight transporters it could involve investing in the latest Euro VI engines when purchasing new prime movers. However these are expensive measures and may certainly not be feasible for all transport and logistics operators throughout Australia.

Most actions to reduce emissions are going to involve some cost. While some larger operators may be able to afford longer payback periods when investing in ‘green’ initiatives long payback periods are unlikely to be feasible for small and medium sized enterprises. Their actions to reduce their emissions and increase their energy efficiency may have to be undertaken on a more modest budget.

This does not mean substantial emissions cannot be saved through little to no financial investment. Many ‘greening’ initiatives can be implemented for little cost but can produce as significant reductions as much more expensive options.

The Emission Reductions on a Modest Budget Fact Sheet (available below) will provide examples of where Transport and Logistics operators were able to find big emission and financial savings for little to no money with very quick payback periods.



Download the 'Emission Reductions on a Modest Budget' document here 


see also our "Some Cheap and Simple Green Initiatives" pdf


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