Truck Energy Efficiency Opportunities Calculator

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What if you don’t have the resources or your route is not gazetted for more efficient trucks?

There are still a number of options available to you to increase the energy efficiency of your current fleet.

The Truck Energy Efficiency Opportunities Calculator was designed to allow Road Transport operators to start considering these energy efficiency opportunities.

Whether considering applying these opportunities to one truck or your entire fleet, the calculator can give you a good indication of the $ amounts involved. The calculator was created using information supplied by the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism’s report “Fuel for Thought: Identifying potential energy savings in the Australian road and rail sectors”

The following tool allows you to select between a set of different trucks to allow you to calculate the potential energy saving opportunities across your fleet


How to use the Calculator

1) Select your truck type, the quantity of that truck type and the average kilometres per truck per year that truck type will drive for you. Repeat for up to 5 truck types if applicable.

2) This box will display your estimated total fuel requirements, costs and emissions produced for the year.

3) The following opportunities will automatically populate with the savings and opportunity costs, with the estimated payback time also generating.

This will provide you with some food for thought on how you can further reduce your energy and fuel requirements. Additionally each opportunity can be clicked on to bring you to specific case studies applicable to that opportunity.


Please Note:

All efficiency opportunities are not available on all truck types

i.e. there is no reported benefit in installing a Hydraulic system into a Road Train.


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