Office Appliance Emissions and Costs Calculators

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The appliances you have in your office such as television screens or lighting may be inefficient and costing you more to power than a similar product. Being able to estimate the energy cost of an appliance over a year, understand how much emissions this will produce and being able to compare this to industry leading models is very important for a business looking to reduce their electricity bill and reduce their emissions.

It also offers as a helpful comparison tool some leading energy efficient appliances. These appliances were selected from the most energy efficient appliances found on the Federal government’s Energy Rating website ( Their prices are included to help calculate payback timing, but are constantly changing so should only be considered as a guideline.



How to use the Calculator 

1) Simply input your data into the yellow boxes. Select your state, the time you would like analysed (Day, Monthly, Annual) and Days per week in Use (e.g. an office is likely 5 out of 7). Input your company’s peak and off-peak rate of electricity.

2) Select from the “Select Appliance” drop down menu your appliance (if not there – click “Not on List”). Input the quantity, the average hours it is in operation each day and what percentage this appliance operates during peak hours (e.g. a computer monitor may be 100% but a refrigerator may be 50%).

Input the wattage of your appliance. This may be found on the actual device, manual or found through a quick google search.

3) Your data automatically generates. The Leading Comparison Tool data will automatically generate with the leading energy efficient model found on (as of 27th March 2015). If you have selected “Not on List” from above you will be prompted to self-enter the data of a leading appliance in these boxes. Similarly this can be done if you want to compare your current appliance with the details of another appliance you would like to measure it against.



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