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Saving energy, whether it be electricity, fuel or gas, is very important for Australian transport and logistics operators. Energy and fuel for transport are among two of the biggest expenditures on a company’s balance sheets and any reduction in these costs produces instant savings for a company.

To save energy it is important to take a closer look at your energy costs, discover where your business spends the most energy, and identify any areas of waste or areas where greater efficiency can be applied.

This ‘Decision Maker’s Guide’ was designed as a resource to help guide you on how to assess your company’s energy usage, consumption patterns and help to undertake a business case of the option available to increase your energy efficiency for both building electricity and transport fuel.

For the Transport and Logistics industry massive savings can be achieved through employing best practices. Australia in a recent international scorecard ranked Australia 10th out of the 16 major OECD economies for overall energy efficiency, but last for energy efficiency in land transport ( This fact alone highlights the potential savings that can be enjoyed with greater energy efficiency.

The report has all your information to help:

  • Understand your Energy Bill
  • Measure your Fuel Usage
  • Calculate your Emissions
  • Discover the Opportunities
  • Undertake an Energy Audit
  • Build a Business Case
  • Create an Environmental Checklist


Download the full PDF here


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This report has been prepared based on information sourced from or supplied by third parties. Accordingly, SAFC accepts no liability resulting from the accuracy, interpretation, analysis or use of information provided in this report. It is important to understand that much of the information gathered is anecdotal or based on information provided by or sourced from third parties and as such has not been corroborated. In addition the inclusion of information on products and services in the report are intended to inform the reader and does not imply or mean that the South Australian Freight Council, nor its members, endorses them.


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