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The Sustainable Freight initiative is being undertaken in a wider context of heightened national interest in sustainable practises. While there is much debate about the impacts that transport and logistics is having on the environment and whether these impacts could or should be mitigated, it is clear that the environment is increasingly becoming part of the ongoing transport and logistics narrative.

Sustainable Freight is a South Australian Freight Council initiative.


The South Australian Freight Council Inc (SAFC) Vision is:

To be recognised as the strategic leader in addressing the State’s domestic and global freight opportunities, influencing government policy and facilitating sustainable industry growth.


SAFC's objectives (in accordance with it's Constitution) are to:

  • Promote the welfare and development of the freight and logistics industry in South Australia, including the movement of goods to urban, intrastate, interstate, and overseas markets across all modes of transport.
  • To facilitate improved efficiency and integration of freight transport improvements throughout the freight logistics chain
  • To focus on "common interest" issues and identify solutions for the benefit of the Association and South Australia
  • To identify constraints on competitive freight transport, generate innovative solutions and make recommendations to Government and Industry on their implementation, for the benefit of South Australia
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of views within industry and between industry and Government on matters affecting the efficiency of freight logistics
  • To offer practical "strategic" advice to government.


The Council is an Industry Based Association incorporated under the SA Associations Incorporation Act 1985.

SAFC currently receives significant grant funding from both the South Australian Government (through the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) as well as the Commonwealth Government (through the Minister for Transport and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport).


SAFC's operational objectives are:

  • Reduce the fragmentation of transport industry representation to government regarding freight, passenger and infrastructure issues by facilitating the concept of an Association of Associations
  • Fully support and assist industry and the State government’s export/import and population growth targets by collaborative research and promotional programs
  • Broaden and increase the Council’s membership base to 200 members by 2015 and resource the CEO to achieve this objective. Identify and initiate key projects for delivery.


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